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Esthétique Amélie Laforme

Dot&Lil. bath salt collection box

Dot&Lil. bath salt collection box

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Add the salts to your bath water for a luxurious bath surrounded by real plants. Mix and match scents from the bath salt collection to personalize your bath.
Our bath salts are a blend of epsom salt, real plant and flower petals, and essential oils. Very good for muscle pain and relaxation. Our set comes in a beautiful gift box with 4 large flasks of salt:

- Bergamot is a citrus fragrance, with spicy and herbaceous notes. Bergamot is a familiar smell to many, because it is the main element of the famous Earl Gray tea!

- Our Eucalyptus & Lime salt is a breath of fresh air. Fresh and clean with nice citrus notes. The deep camphor and minty notes of eucalyptus are balanced by the lightness of fresh lime. The steam from this bath is the perfect relief from a stuffy nose in the winter, or for a refreshing and relaxing summer bath.

- Jardin de Fleurs salts are scented with a house blend of essential oils including notes of geranium, wild verbena and juniper. A burst of summer garden fragrances with subtle notes of damp earth and grass.

- Our Lavender essential oil has a fresh, herbaceous scent, straight out of a flower garden! A very soothing and relaxing scent.

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