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LZ-RENEWAL box strength 3

LZ-RENEWAL box strength 3

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LZ-RENEWAL strength 3 Vivescence

Resurfacing Anti-Aging Renovation Force 3 Program Set dedicated to thick and mature skin
with loss of radiance, pigment spots, wrinkles, dehydration, uneven complexion, dilated pores

Anti-aging resurfacing program – Thick and mature skin

Progressive and evolving cure over 28 days for a lasting resurfacing action. Session after session, the skin's finish is redrawn, surface irregularities fade, the grain appears smoothed and refined, giving the complexion a uniform and luminous glow.

The box contains 3 products in standard format for a 3-step protocol:

Step 1 – Weekly: Renovating Peeling (30 mL).

Powerful and effective exfoliant with the double performance of a chemical peel, thanks to glycolic acid, and a mechanical exfoliation with enzymes for immediate new skin.

Step 2 – Daily: Force 3 Resurfacing Cream (30 mL).

Progressive day care with a creamy texture and resurfacing action. Enriched with AHA and BHA, it redefines skin surface relief, fights the signs of aging and brings new luminosity to the radiance of the complexion. The concentration of exfoliating agents is reinforced to suit thick and mature skin.

Step 3 – Daily: Retexturizing Night Fluid (30 mL).

Supreme renovating solution, real nocturnal peeling which stimulates the natural exfoliation of the skin by awakening the mechanisms linked to skin renewal which are activated precisely at night.

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