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Esthétique Amélie Laforme

Dot&Lil- Room and bedding mist Fleur de riz

Dot&Lil- Room and bedding mist Fleur de riz

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We are very happy to share with you our new little something: the atmosphere mist and linen! Spray in your favorite room or on your favorite linens for a fresh, flowery breeze. A new addition to the D&L family!

Spray in the air to perfume the room, or on linens and fabrics as a refreshing spray. The 237ml glass bottle has a sprayer that can be locked, making it easy to carry.

Fleur de Riz is a sweet, fresh and sweet fragrance with a touch of ozone. Light and delicate with a subtle base of vanilla and coconut. What is rice flower? These are small fragrant flowers that grow on the Aglaia Odorata, or the Chinese Perfume Tree.

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