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Foot and shoe deodorant

Foot and shoe deodorant

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deodorant for feet and shoes

Eliminates unpleasant and annoying foot odors and gives shoes a fresh scent. Effectively targets and protects against bacteria responsible for foot odor. Restores freshness in seconds and promotes a healthy and hygienic environment. Available in a 100ml bottle.

Allpremed's Podoexpert shoe and foot deodorant has been developed to combat unpleasant shoe odors and provide care for sweaty feet. The shoe sprayer quickly eliminates unpleasant odors with a lasting effect, promoting a fresh environment for the feet. In addition, it protects against foot odor and prevents fungal infections.

  • For the care of sweaty feet
  • With a mild refreshing effect
  • Apply after wearing shoes
  • Quickly eliminates unpleasant and bothersome foot odor with long-lasting effect and promotes a fresh environment for feet and shoes
  • No artificial fragrances, colors or preservatives
  • Prevents foot odor and fungal infections
  • Enriched with tea tree oil and menthol
  • Will not harm leather and canvas

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